Upload Specs

Color Format

At DTF Land, we recommend uploading files in sRGB format for optimal color vibrancy. Files uploaded in CMYK may appear less vibrant when printed.

File Format

Please upload high-quality PNG files with a transparent background.


For best results, upload images at 300 DPI.

White Under-base

We advise against submitting artwork with extremely small details below the 9PT mark, as they may not transfer correctly onto the garment or fabric. To address this issue, simply add a stroke to your design to thicken the tiny details before submitting it for printing.


Using transparent or translucent gradients is not recommended, as they may lose their blending effect and create jagged edges in your artwork. The printer may also lay white ink beneath them, mistaking it for color. To fix this issue, either make the gradient more solid or remove it entirely from the design.

Edge Quality

Ensure that your artwork's edges are sharp and free from "dirty" colors resulting from poor background removal. To check edge quality, zoom in to 100%. If the edges appear unclear, you may need a higher resolution image or have the design vectorized by a professional.


Please ensure you have the necessary copyrights to print your submitted designs. DTF Land is not responsible for any legal consequences arising from copyright infringement.